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Log and Timber Frame Builders in Massachusetts

Brooks and Linda Carswell

My wife Linda and I have been in the building business for over 30 years. A huge part of what has made us so successful through the years is the fact that we truly run our business as though every house we build, we are building for ourselves. (In fact one of the many houses we have built actually is our own home.) When you approach the design and construction of a log or timber frame house from that mindset, you really become aware of every little detail. And if ever there comes a time where we could cut a corner and do something quickly instead of correctly we always think to ourselves “Nope, if it’s not good enough for my own house, then it’s not good enough for this house.”

I suppose part of what drives us to view home design and construction in this way is the fact we are truly a part of this community. I grew up here in Southampton, MA and I know a lot of the folks in this area. When we build a house in this area, I know that we’re not just working for a homeowner, we’re working for a neighbor. In fact, we’ve sold and built 16 log homes right in Southampton.

The house I grew up in was actually an old timber framed home that my grandparents purchased and restored back in the 1940′s. The home was originally constructed in 1776. You might say that instilled in me from a young age the idea that a home should be built to last.

I am an incredibly lucky man to have my wife Linda share in my passion for log and timber frame construction. Together as a team, I’m confident we can turn your own dream home into a reality. Please don’t hesitate to call or email us to discuss your ideas (or fill out the form on our Contact Us page.) We can provide accurate estimates, and would be happy to schedule a visit to your site to discuss all the options.

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