We are extremely proud of the work we have done. Our past customers have also been pleased with our work and many have been kind enough to take the time to tell us about the work we have done. Those comments are shown below:

“Working with you has been a pleasant, satisfying experience. Your work results are beyond our expectation – a wonderful house!”

- Ed and Jane

“Well words can certainly not say thank you enough for this beautiful home. You both have made a dream come true for us which we will enjoy for many years to come. Your eye for detail and talented hands have truly created a work of art. We are also happy to know you both as more than “a job” – as friends.

- David and Tracie Day

” This past August we moved into our new Real Log Home in Conway, MA. It was built by Brooks and Linda Carswell from Southampton, MA, our local Real Log Homes area representative. We would like to pass on to you that we are extremely pleased with the end result. Not only is the quality of the home excellent but the way it was constructed is unsurpassed.

Brooks and Linda both worked on our house together. It is very evident that they took a personal interest in the project. Being new to home construction, they had many great suggestions and never were too busy to answer questions. Brooks took many calls from us at home and was always very cordial. He didn’t mind how long the conversations took place and would always give us a follow up call if needed.

Brooks and Linda also went beyond what we expected in many avenues. Many things we did on our own, i.e. staining the outside, finishing floors, etc. and Brooks and Linda were extremely helpful and explained how to get the jobs done the right way. Brooks took a personal interest in the lot, the location of the house and he worked very closely with the sub contractors who we picked. He also took interest in areas not related to our home. For example, one day he spent over an hour assisting with removing porcupine quills from our dog!

We had an excellent experience in building our home, mainly because of Brooks and Linda. Again, we would extend our thanks to Real Log Homes and Brooks and Linda Carswell for an excellent job. We will be happy to recommend Brooks and Linda to any prospective log home customer.

- John and Mary Richardson

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